Dr Jacob Mahlangu
Claudia Labuschagne

God entrusts us with responsibility for ourselves, our world, our fellow humans, and our material resources. God blesses our efforts as we live for Him.


For every church member to establish the habit of putting God first in every area of life.


To help leaders and members develop habits necessary for spiritual growth and faithful stewardship.


Recognizing that christian stewardship is a very broad and important concept that reaches into all aspects of a life dedicated to Christ—from family relations and giving patterns to health habits, from time management to the care of the environment;

Recognizing that to promote commitment and faithfulness in all those areas would be too great a task for only one department;

Recognizing that differently from many other denominations, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has assigned other departments to deal with almost each one of those aspects of Stewardship (for example, Health Ministries, Youth Ministries, Sabbath School & Personal Ministries and Family Ministries);

The Stewardship Ministries department will therefore work mainly, but not exclusively, on the task of promoting [1] trust in the Lord, [2] faithfulness and [3] a missionary mindset through financial stewardship.

Complexity should not be admired; it should be avoided.

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Stewardship for Millennials – God First Series

The “God First” video series was developed to help people connect with God, providing for them a living experience of trust in Him. Animated by millennials, the videos are devised to answer questions about tithes and offerings that may still be in the minds of some members. The practice of tithing and spiritual financial giving affects the heart and brings the worshiper closer to God (Matt. 6:21), as the act resembles His character. It will happen only if the worshiper trusts in the Lord’s goodness, His ability and strength as Provider, and His faithfulness to His word.

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Powerpoint & Document Resources

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let-god-be-god-biblical-stewardship-foundations PPT 12Mb
lordship-and-family-resources DOC 1Mb
lordship-in-everyday-life PPT 1.3Mb
normal-christianity-biblical-life-management DOC 0.6Mb
nurturing-the-leader’s-spiritual-life DOC 0.2Mb
pastoral-role-in-stewardship-education DOC 0.2Mb
prayer-pointers DOC 0.3Mb
spiritual-leadership DOC 0.9Mb
strategic-church-finances DOC 0.6Mb
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tithing-in-the-new-testament-and-the-christian-church PPT 0.3Mb
tithing-in-the-writings-of-ellen-g.-white PPT 1.3Mb
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Its-About-Jesus PPTX 0.5Mb
Reviving-Stewardship-Transforming-Stewards PPT 0.7Mb
Stewards-as-Disciple-Makers PPT 0.3Mb
Stewardship-A-Global-Perspective PPT 15.5Mb
Stewardship-A-Matter-of-the-Heart-01 PPT 0.7Mb
Stewardship-and-the-Local-Church PPT 0.2Mb
Stewardship-as-Sanctification PPT 0.8Mb
Theology-of-Offerings-01 PPT 2Mb
Theology-of-Tithe-01 PPT 12Mb
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christian-time-management DOC 0.5Mb
stewardship-quotes PPT 1.7Mb
strategic-church-budgeting PPT 0.3Mb
temperaments DOC 0.2Mb
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02-the-pledge-motivating-worker PPTX 33Mb
03-the-risk-of-withdrawn-pledges PPTX 29Mb
04-principles-on-pledging PPTX 53Mb
STW-The-Second-Tithe-1 PDF 10Mb
Penny Brink
GC-STEWARDSHIP-The-Hard-Questions PPT 3.8Mb
Stewards-of-Gods-Character-(Relationships) KEY 12.8Mb
Stewards-of-True-Worship-(Gods-Law) KEY 8Mb