In line with the Great Commission, the General Conference’s “I will go” initiative, and an understanding of our local challenges, the NCSA herewith outlines its objectives for 2020-2022 and beyond.

FOR US 2020 – 2022

  1. Mission: Missional Movement
  2. Education: Educational Excellence
  3. Digitisation: Digital Delivery


Area 1: Mission

The NCSA is passionate about leading people to Christ, equipping them, and nurturing them to become disciples who are burdened to lovingly share the Three Angel’s Messages.



Area 2: Education

The NCSA believes in the restoration of God’s image in mankind through education, and is committed to run quality schools that are financially viable.



Area 3: Digitisation

The NCSA believes in embracing technology, in line with shifts in society, for effectiveness, efficiency, cost saving, better service, accountability, retaining corporate intelligence, etc. – all for the purpose of enhancing mission.


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Our Mission

The Mission Statement of the Northern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in South Africa is:

  • Make Christlike disciples of people.
  • Teach obedience to all that Jesus commanded.
  • Equip them to proclaim the three angels’ messages in preparation for Jesus’ return.

What a privilege for every believer, not to only read this theoretical mission statement on paper, but also to live it out practically everyday. This is and remains the greatest witness in favour of God and his kingdom. I trust that this will be your unique experience as you tirelessly work in God’s vineyard.


  • Prayer
  • Discipleship
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Unity
  • Compassion
Prayer We value personal, corporate, transforming and intercessory prayer that immerses all our activities, guided by the Holy Spirit.
Discipleship We value Living Evangelism As Disciples as our main method of witnessing.
Accountability We value accountability and accept responsibility for the consequences our actions.
Communication We value effective, open, honest and relevant communication on all levels of our organization.
Integrity We value integrity that is evidenced in honesty, sincerity, fairness and has strong moral principles.
Respect We value respect for the needs, feelings and opinions of all by treating people in a positive manner.
Unity We value unity amid diversity by fostering teamwork and striving to promote a ministry of reconciliation.
Compassion We value compassion by espousing Christian love and benevolence.



Believe His Prophets, the sequel to Revived by His Word, is a five-year program reading through the Bible and selected Ellen White writings.


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In 2015 GC session which took place in San Antonio, there was a funny but poignant moment brought about by the Executive Secretary of the organization GT Ng. He stood up to give his fabulous report about the growth of the church worldwide and then he posed what seemed to be a rhetorical question to the more than 2500 delegates gathering in that meeting. “Do you know the daily percentage with which the SDA church is growing around the world?” he asked. Of course, the delegates quickly responded “NO” but with a sense of thorough expectation. “I also don’t know”, he retorted. I also have been asked questions related to theodicy (the justice of God in the face of human suffering). At first I used to go through all sorts of Theological obfuscations to defend God (as if He needed some protection from me) only to find myself in more philosophical quagmire than when I started the conversation. But I have since learned to say “I also don’t know). But what I know for sure, I will tell you.

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