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Thinking of Becoming a Literature Evangelist?

The Publishing Department is interested in enlisting you as a part time or full time canvasser in ‘missionary work of the highest order’. You will have the privilege of becoming part of a most sacred work that was directly established and sustained by God, and was critical in pioneering the Advent movement:

God has ordained the canvassing work as a means of presenting before the people the light contained in our books… This is the very work the Lord would have His people do at this time. All who consecrate themselves to God to work as canvassers are assisting to give the last message of warning to the world. We cannot too highly estimate this work; for were it not for the efforts of the canvasser, many would never hear the warning” (Colporteur Ministry, p. 6)


The Publishing work, developed by James and Ellen White, even before the Seventh-day Adventist Church had a name or organisation, was ordained to play a prominent role in proclaiming the everlasting gospel to the world in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus.


To see our books, that bring hope to people, placed into every home.


As fellow workers with Christ, we exist to inspire and empower men, women, and children to live for Jesus, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to use our influence and books to encourage them to have a vibrant and meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Some Benefits of Becoming a Literature Evangelist

  • You will be self employed – i.e. you have the freedom to control your own time
  • You have the privilege of sharing God’s final Three Angel’s Messages with the world
  • You can make a very decent living if you work hard and diligently
  • You have the accompaniment of angels
  • Your job directly creates opportunities for Bible studies and baptisms
  • You have opportunities of growth within the system
  • Depending on your level and hours worked for the year, you can receive benefits such as:
    • Emergency medical assistance
    • Insurance against accidental death and disability
    • Contributions towards a retirement annuity


  • A baptised member of the SDA church in good standing
  • A work permit (if not South African)
  • A love for souls
  • Selfless and self-sacrificing
  • Hardworking and diligent
  • Humble & teachable
  • Honest
  • Persevering and optimistic
  • Pleasing in dress & manners
  • Good physical, emotional and mental health

If you meet the above qualifications, then we’d like to hear from you. You can make a huge impact for God’s cause!

Don’t just do this work because you are unemployed and need a job; it is a calling!! It also takes lots of hard work and determination – but the rewards are out of this world!

So if God is speaking to you about literature ministry, please complete the Application Form. For any further queries, please call us at the Northern Conference Publishing Department on 011 616 6800 or email us at

Testimonies From Literature Evangelists

I was born an Adventist, and always wanted to work for the Lord. The Lord then called me to literature evangelism and it was the best decision I could have made. In Sabbath School I learnt about God, but in literature ministry I experienced God.
Jannie Schoeman, Literature Evangelist for over 30 years

For me being a literature evangelist means a divine opportunity to plant God’s love letters in the lives of many people outside of the church’s reach.  It also means getting people ready to meet our Saviour when He comes to fetch us soon.
Shaylin Jansen, Literature Evangelist for over 1 year

Whenever I go out into the field, God  directs me to people who have questions for which I have the right book.  It is fulfilling to work in partnership with God in saving those who are in darkness, and helping them accept the Truth through our inspired literature. It is heart warming to see how my clients make spiritual and lifestyle changes as a result of our books.
Marvellous Mposhi, Literature Evangelist for over 5 years

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2019 Publishing Calendar

Pub. Leaders Weeks of Prayer 4-8 Feb; 4-8 Mar; 1-5 Apr; 6-10 May; 3-7 Jun;      1-5 Jul; 5-9 Aug; 2-6 Sep; 7-11 Oct; 4-8 Nov:
Pub. Leaders’ Mtgs 17 Jan; 7 Feb; 7 Mar; 11 Apr; 9 May; 13 Jun; 11 Jul; 8 Aug; 12 Sep; 10 Oct; 7 Nov; 5 Dec
Pub. Committees 28 Mar; 27 Jun; 26 Sep; 28 Nov; 5 Dec
LE Combines 21 Jan; 15 Apr; 15 Jul; 14 Oct
Stanborough Press Product Training 24 Feb (part time & full time LEs)
Entrepreneurial/Financial Training 3 Mar (part time & full time LEs)
LMS 2 Training 11-14 Mar; 19-22 Aug
Social Media Training 24 Mar (part time & full time LEs)
Impact Days 27 Apr; 21 Sep
Publishing Prayer Days  18 May; 19 Oct
Great Controversy Distribution Month  August
Family Fun Day  29 Sep
Strategic Planning 2020 (for leaders)  19-21 Nov
SID Pub. Congress  9-13 Dec
Trolley Dash  15 Dec


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Colporteur Ministry (by Ellen White)

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