Pastoral Counselling

Ps. Nandi Fleming
Pastoral Counsellor

Pastoral Counselling

The Pastoral Counselling department of the NCSA exists in order to care, assist, encourage, and provide guidance and instruction to those that are facing challenges and crisis in their lives following a faith based approach.


To assist clients in shaping their circumstances with the help of God, and not let their circumstances shape them.


By uplifting Christ as the center of wholistic healing, mental wellbeing will remain steady despite the trails of this life.


Revive, Refresh and Restore.

Pastoral Counsellor – Ps. Nandi Fleming

Nandi Fleming is a full time Pastoral Counsellor and a Chaplain. She has a Masters in Practical Theology and is also registered as a Level 6 Counsellor with the CPSC, and has a certificate from the University of Pretoria in Clinical Pastoral Education, and Trauma Counselling Certificate with TIRA-SA.
Nandi is currently working towards completing her doctorate degree through the University of Pretoria.


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