Gerrit Blignaut
Chief Financial Officer
Ana da Silva


In the Treasury Department, we have the honor of receiving the resources that flow into God’s church from his faithful children and distributing it to different ministries that help spread God’s love and word throughout our area.

These funds and gifts make the growth and development of this family we call the church possible.

The Government of Heaven is about benevolence, and this is exemplified in the church. Selfless gifts and resources flow from God’s children, extending the loving arm of God to more and more places.

Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” Acts 20:35.

All thanks be to God for providing and blessing the Conference and its members throughout the years, without Him our work would be in vain.  We are privileged to work with such a competent team who go the extra mile.  Most of all, a big thank you to all the Northern Conference Church Members returning a faithful tithe and freewill offering to sustain the Lord’s work.



Praise to the Lord, the Northern Conference has been blessed in the last 3 years despite the economic climate.

1. Income growth over 3 years
During the past three years the net operating income (after tithe sharing to the higher organisation
and appropriations to schools) has increased by 47%.

2. Capital Additions: Houses
The purchase of 6 houses and the sale of 2 bringing the total amount of homes owned for pastors to 49.

3. Children’s Centre
A children’s centre with 10 classrooms was completed in 2015.

4. Sedaven Estate
Water supply: The Northern Conference constructed a 2 million litre reservoir on the Estate to ensure sufficient supply of water
Electricity: Very necessary electrical upgrading work with the addition of 1 mini sub-station.

5. Evangelistic Endeavours
Our Northern Conference churches conducted 164 evangelistic campaigns and the Conference could assist them with an amount of R3.67m towards these events.

6. Church Building projects
Financial contributions were made to 34 churches and 1 school, amounting to R4.72m towards building projects and the purchase of properties. A further R15.9m was loaned to churches to assist them with securing properties or as assistance with building projects.



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