The Lord’s Coming is Around the Corner

As the year progresses, it feels as if time is going faster and faster. I know it’s not the case, but it does not change our perception of it. The same is true of our lives. Psalm 90:10 is called: “The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, Yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; For it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”. Scripture describes the speed with which our lives are also moving pleasantly. The third level on which time became determinant is with regard to our eschatological view.

The Spirit of Prophecy confirms this in Volume 9 of the Testimonies as follows: “Major changes will soon take place on earth, and the final movements will take place soon.” While the year, our lives and the earth itself spin towards the end the pressure of life is getting even greater. But the opportunities to reach out are also getting better as the first drops of the late rains of the Holy Spirit begin to fall. The biggest opportunities we are waiting for are the Partake Hope and Healing outreach which will take place later this year. While this is a wonderful opportunity, we should not wait to get involved. It should also not be seen as a final destination, but rather evangelism as a way of life. The information has already been launched among the teachers and elders, afterwards on various departmental forums. Then it was launched on 12 August 2017 for all church members during a meeting at the Pretoria Showground with approximately 12 000 people attending. It has been followed up by training sessions in various regions that prepare the members for active service to the Lord. The intention is to keep 3,000 simultaneous series of which the majority will be home series. And this involves the involvement of as many members as possible or TMI (Total Membership Involvement). The initiative was taken by the SID, which finances the program together with the SAU and the two conferences in the geographical area. The SAU currently serves 23 countries and there are nine provinces in South Africa. At that rate, such an opportunity will only take place every 207 years. There is therefore a small window of opportunity to use the momentum that currently exists as never before. Get involved and buy time. The Lord’s coming is around the corner. Maranatha!

Devotional by
Ps Mornay du Plessis (President)

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