Executive Secretary: Pastor Ivor Kallis


We thank the Lord for His blessings.  God remains faithful and unchanging in His love and tender mercy towards His Church. We are drawing closer and closer to the coming of Jesus. The state of the world has, however, not improved but deteriorated even further on most fronts. The final events of Revelation 13 are yet to unfold, the proclamation of the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14 has not yet reached its climax, as many still need to hear the message.

The information in this section was presented at the 25th Session of the conference as at October 2016.  Our membership at the end of the second quarter 2016 stands at 19114.  This is a 2.4% increase on the period since the previous Conference Session.

The estimates for the total population figure in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo is 26,917,991. This means that 48.9% of the entire population in South Africa come from these four provinces. For every Northern Conference Adventist there are 1400 non-Adventists in the four provinces where we operate.

The numbers in the graph above indicate the number of baptized Adventists per Regional Council.

JRC  Blue Johannesburg Regional Council
GRC Green Gauteng Regional Council
SWG South West Gauteng Regional Council
ERR East Rand Regional Council
NWR North West Regional Council
PARC Pretoria Afrikaans Regional Council
PERC Pretoria English Regional Council
MRC Mpumalanga Regional Council
LRC Limpopo Regional Council

In our conference, there are 55 field pastors, 10 Conference Directors, 29 Office staff.  For every one pastor there are about 348 members. This high volume of members to one pastors indicates that unless there are strong leadership teams built in local churches, consisting of lay persons working together with the pastor, it will be hard to make all members feel equally cared.  Jesus focused most of His time on His twelve disciples, and then the 70 etc. He gave most of His time to His twelve disciples because this was the only way He could be effective.

In this way we must train and be trained.  The task of the church is to be done by all our members, to rise to challenge and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us as we prepare ourselves and the world for the second coming of our Lord.

We pray for continued growth in our church worldwide and especially in our conference during the Gauteng 2018 and TMI projects.


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